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About Two Kinds of Words

This blog contains two kinds of words. The first kind is the actual words of the Bible, which are the very words of God to us. The second kind is the posts, which are merely human words.

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About John Hanna

I live in Ballynahinch, I attend Dungannon Baptist Church in Dungannon, I’m student of theology and ministry studies at the Irish Baptist College, and I’m fan of Doctor Who.

I’m a member of the Evangelical Alliance and TGC Network.

Quick Facts

  • My favourite colour is blue.
  • My favourite food is Chicken Kiev.
  • My favourite author is John Piper.
  • My favourite book is the ESV Study Bible.
  • My favourite Tesco is Knocknagoney Road.
  • I’ve been blogging at TKOW since 30 March 2010.
  • I’ve been the Irish Baptist College Missionary Secretary three years running.
  • I once started writing a book, only to stop when I realised that Desiring God had covered most of what I had wanted to say.
  • I watch a lot of Doctor Who.
  • I’m scared of the Daleks.

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