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12/06/2010 / John Hanna

England Lions

England Lions

I can’t get to South Africa to see the lads this summer, but I’ll be watching at Dungannon Baptist Church’s World Cup DBC/World Cup Outreach and I’m supporting… Eng-er-land!

Here’s two videos to get you fired up for the match:

Umbro’s Tailored by England Anthem

Bringing the country together ahead of the action in South Africa, this short film from Umbro celebrates the moment when England comes together ahead of a big match. Young and old, whatever your background, both fans and players come together in unity before a game to sing the national anthem.

‘Bring It Back to Blighty’ – World Cup Song 2010

Stronger than a Lion and Hotter than a Vindaloo! By the people for the people. A Brass Band and 26 devoted fans known as ‘The Clear Champions’ send this plea straight to the hearts and feet of Fabio and the boys. The song echoes the sentiment of millions of England fans. What a day of rejoicing it will be when they Bring It Back To Blighty.

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