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04/06/2010 / John Hanna

He Paid a Debt

He Paid a Debt

Fifteen years ago I wanted to become a Christian, but something stopped me, in fact two things, or rather two people stopped me. These people weren’t friends of mine, they didn’t talk or move, all they did was stare.

You’ve probably guessed that there’s more to this, and you’d be correct, infact these two people, a girl and a boy were two drawings on the ‘He Paid a Debt’ visualised song by CEF at Saintfield Baptist Church. ‘He Paid a Debt’ is a chorus describing the Grace of God, who gave His only Son, Jesus, to pay the price for our sins, but to me back it wasn’t the song that challenged me, but it was the depiction of these two kids, both of whom were dressed like they’d stepped out of the 70s, with hairstyles to match.

So why did they stop me from becoming a Christian, well because of these two kids, phrases like ‘you’ll change’ or ‘become a new person’ terrified me. I thought that if I became a Christian I would undergo a Doctor Who-style regeneration, not just a spiritual regeneration, but also a physical one, becoming like one of them. Several months later the irresistibility of grace proved too much for me to worry about a physical change and not long after that I corrected about my view.

While this is funny it has challenged me about children’s work since then. Children’s work is incredibly important and carries a lot of responsibility; while it was my misunderstanding and not the fault of the leaders at Saintfield Baptist Church, it is clear that a throw away comment has the potential to mislead into adulthood.

A visualised song version of ‘He Paid a Debt’ for £4.95 is available from CEF Resources and the CEF Shop, albeit without my two friends.

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