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04/06/2010 / John Hanna

Desiring God today announced the *beta launch of their new website at The site says that “a lot of hard work went into creating this site”, but that they are “by no means finished”. Here are some of the new features:

  1. Personalization. Create a more personalized experience by setting up your own account at Sign into the Desiring God site with your Facebook username / password or create an account on the new Desiring God Network. Your profile will be available at Add links to your blog, add your Twitter stream as profile updates, and connect with others by making your profile viewable on a Google map. (Don’t worry—if you don’t want to be public, there are options to keep a profile private as well.)
  2. Favourite Resources. Really love a particular article or video? Want to share it easily with your friends? Save it to your personal profile so you can quickly access it in the future. The new Favorites tab in your profile makes it simple to share your favorite resources with others via the Desiring God Network and Facebook integration.
  3. Mobilize. With 30 years worth of content in our Resource Library, it’s relatively easy to fill your mind with oodles of great information. We love this gift, and that’s not going to change. What’s not always easy to do on our site is to find ways to put that great theology into practice.

In the coming months, they plan on building dozens of groups and projects into the DG Network to help “you get involved, locally and globally, with what God is doing around the world—to put into practice the God-centered theology you find throughout our site”.

Here’s a short video showcasing some of the new features:

Expect many more updates to the Desiring God website to come in the weeks ahead; but if you’re intrigued by this, please join them today by creating an account

The site says that “over time, we hope our site serves as a connecting point for individuals, groups, and churches who want to network with one another and become radical, missional forces for good in their contexts”.

The beta site looks great, but it’s features make it look like another TGC Network, which seems strange, with them both sharing the same space. Hopefully they’ll be synced.

*Beta is a nerdy tech term that means the site is ready for users to test and use, but it’s not yet fully baked.

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