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31/05/2010 / John Hanna

Prayer Letters: June

Prayer Letters: June

June prayer letter:

Wait for the Lord;be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! (Ps. 27:14)

Ps. 27:14 To wait for the Lord is to look to him with dependence and trust, not passivity; this is what enables one to be strong and courageous (cf. Deut. 31:6).


  • World Cup DBC site. Praise God for the views of the World Cup Outreach site called ‘World Cup DBC’ which I made of DBC.
  • DBC Youth Suggestions. Praise God for using me to help DBC’s youth work with the DBC Youth Suggestions discussion paper that was presented to the DBC leadership team.
  • College. Praise God for my last few weeks of college and for my assignments.


  • Blog. Ask God to use this blog for his glory and help me as I post.
  • Dungannon Baptist Church. Pray for the DBC leadership as the make decisions for next year.
  • Saintfield Baptist Church. Pray for the SBC leadership as I return in the incoming months that I might be able to glorify God there.
  • Young Peoples’ Service. Ask God to help all of the Explorers and their teachers as we prepare for the DBC Young Peoples’ Service. Specifically ask God to help me talk on Daniel 1.
  • Professional Placement. Continue to ask God to help me on my professional placement at DBC as it draws to a close.
  • World Cup DBC. Ask God to show his wisdom to all those involved in the DBC World Cup Outreach.
  • Dance Aerobics. Ask God to help the organisers as they prepare for this DBC outreach.
  • College. Ask God to help me to prepare for final year.
  • Friend. Pray for my friend, that God will show them how great they are and how much they’ve achieved for him, without realising it.
  • Future. Ask God to continue to guide me.

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