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07/05/2010 / John Hanna

Live coverage – General Election 2010

Live coverage – General Election 2010

You join me in my DIY election studio in Richard Mulligan’s house in Saintfield Mill.

It’s not as glamorous as the BBC’s election studio, but we do have comfy chairs just like David Dimbleby’s one. So why am I blogging tonight? Two reasons; first, it’s keeping me awake; and second I want to provide live coverage of the general election from a Christian perspective.

I’ll update this post as info comes in.

General Election 2010

11:25 UK

Back from Tesco with supplies. So here’s what we have:

  • BBC HD
  • Comfy chairs
  • Doughnuts
  • ESV Study Bible
  • Fanta
  • Laptop
  • Popcorn

00:37 UK / Belfast East


Peter Robinson, leader of the DUP, has been defeated in Belfast East. The first major scalp of the contest.

This is a big surprise! But understandable. It looks like we’ll see Arlene Foster as First Minister and DUP Party Leader within the week. Upset for the Conservatives as Robinson would’ve been a big player in a coalition.

01:11 UK

Richard is starting to fade so we’ve brewed some Starbucks coffee.

01:23 UK

Labour seeking to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. This doesn’t seem morally right, but then again any coalition isn’t what people voted for.

01:35 UK / Kircaldy


Gordon Brown is safely back as an MP after holding onto his Kircaldy seat with an increased majority of nearly 5,000 votes.

  • Brown’s father was the minister of and Brown describes himself as being Church of Scotland (Presbyterian).

02:00 UK

Borrowed a Shannon poster to annoy Richard’s UUP-supporting mum by leaving it outside her bedroom door. Good morning!

02:37 UK

It’s sad that some chose to seek to kill people in Templemore Sports Complex (Londonderry) on a day of democracy. Morally wrong.

02:55 UK / Strangford


Jim Shannon holds on to Strangford for the party, replacing Iris Robinson. It’s a very reduced majority, but he’s managed to hold off the challenge from UCU newcomer Mike Nesbitt.

02:58 UK / Witney


David Cameron has held the constituency of Witney in Oxfordshire – rather comfortably – with 33,973 votes.

04:02 UK

Richard is kicking me out this is why: “I’m tired”. (Richard)

I will report back when I get home.

04:30 UK

Back home surrounded by Haribo. Dimbleby sounds tired.

06:18 UK

Started eating doughnuts again!

06:35 UK / Sheffield Hallam


Nick Clegg keeps his Sheffield Hallam seat.

  • Clegg is an atheist.

06:42 UK

Nick Clegg may be the very thing he said he wouldn’t be – the king-maker – BBC political editor Nick Robinson says.

07:12 UK

The pound has slumped to its lowest level against the dollar for more than a year, with the prospect of a hung Parliament facing the UK. Sterling sank more than 2% at one stage.

07:39 UK

The country wouldn’t be “entirely happy” if Gordon Brown tried to hold on to power with a “coalition of the defeated” or an “alliance of the dispossessed”, Conservative Michael Gove says.

07:51 UK

Isn’t going to stop until David Dimbleby does!

07:52 UK

Labour’s Lord Mandelson says it is important to “wait for the air to clear” before starting discussions about the next government on Friday and over the weekend.

08:14 UK

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell says it is up to the parties to produce a solution before anyone goes to the Queen to ask to form a government. Her instincts will be to leave the leaders time to make their choice, he adds.

09:01 UK

The BBC Election 2010 coverage is over and I’ve decided to go to bed so that I can be of some use at DBC later. Thanks for reading. GB.

Hung Parliament

The Labour government has lost its mandate to govern our country. It would be great to see a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government, but I get the sense that a Conservative minority government will be the outcome. It is worth remembering that all the precedents – 1910, 1923, 1929 and 1974 – point towards a minority government and not a coalition.

Locally unionist unity is the only option for the local unionist parties led by Arlene Foster, unless the DUP gets brought into a Conservative coalition.The nationalists have consolidated their mandates.

  • Pray for those in authority as decisions are made today and over the weekend, particularly the party leaders, the Queen and her advisers.
  • Pray for the economic response to the results.
  • Pray for the local politicians as they adapt to a changed political landscape.

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