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06/05/2010 / John Hanna

General Election

The campaign is over, and today is election day and today I put a cross next to the candidate that I want to be my next MP.

So on election day what am I going to blog about? Praying for kings and other authorities? Separation of church and state? Westminster 2010? None of the above! Instead on election day it’s time to talk about election. Not in the political sense, but the spiritual sense.

Election, or Predestination (“Predestine” means decide or ordain ahead of time what destiny you will have) refers to “God’s choosing whom to save. It is unconditional in that there is no condition man must meet before God chooses to save him. Man is dead in trespasses and sins. So there is no condition he can meet before God chooses to save him from his deadness.” (John Piper)

Salvation (Gk. sōtēria), from our perspective, begins with a personal commitment to Christ Jesus and regeneration. “While the subjective experience of being saved may have degrees and look very different from person to person, the objective state of being saved is categorical and absolute. From God’s perspective there is a definite point in time when those who have trusted in Christ pass from death into life (1 John 3:14).” (Erik Thoennes)

However from God’s vantage point, “salvation begins with his election of individuals, which is his determination beforehand that his saving purpose will be accomplished in them (John 6:37–39, 44, 64–66; 8:47; 10:26; 15:16Acts 13:48; 16:14Romans 91 John 4:19; 5:1). God then in due course brings people to himself by calling them to faith in Christ (Rom. 8:301 Cor. 1:92 Tim. 1:91 Pet. 2:9).” (Erik Thoennes) As C. H. Spurgeon said, “God’s Spirit calls men to Jesus in diverse ways. Some are drawn so gently that they scarce know when the drawing began, and others are so suddenly affected that their conversion stands out with noonday clearness.” (Erik Thoennes)

Salvation begins with God.

Today I put a cross next to someones name but in eternity God put a cross next to my name, the cross. When we elect an MP they need many votes; but when God elects someone, only his vote is needed; and we’re not on the electoral register.

“If all of us are so depraved that we cannot come to God without being born again by the irresistible grace of God, and if this particular grace is purchased by Christ on the cross, then it is clear that the salvation of any of us is owing to God’s election.” (John Piper)

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